Expert in Solar Rooftop Power Solution

Authorized distributor of Solaredge invertors

SunTrop Solar is one off the oldest reseller and distributor of SolarEdge power optimizers and inverters in India. We have supplied over 10MW and provid complete design, installation technical and data analytics support to Solar EPC companies.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers optimizes PV generation to the maximum. They help to enhance the generation by atleast 7% when compared to the conventional string inverters. They come with warranty of 25 years for the optimizers and 12 years for inverter with extendable warranty upto 20 years.

SolarEdge offers module level remote monitoring which is free for the life time. It also has got safe DC feature in it which helps in safety of the humans and the equipment incase of emergency or fire safety

The Key Benefits of Solaredge System are:

  • 1. Increased Power Output
  • 2. Home Automation
  • 3. Increased Flexibility
  • 4. Panel-Level System Monitoring
  • 5. System Safety
  • 6. No Single Point of Failure
  • 7. Remote Technical Support
  • 8. Easily Expandable
  • 9. 12-Year Warranty as Standard
  • 10. Identifying Faults