Expert in Solar Rooftop Power Solution

Turnkey Solar PV Services

We provide adaptable turnkey solar photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions that enable our customers to generate clean, affordable energy, with low maintenance, tailored to the needs of the project and environment. Our solar applications and our EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) turnkey approach allow the development of highly customized solar PV energy solutions ranging from stand-alone PV system for isolated sites and to hybrid PV systems and grid-tied PV solutions. Our Solar PV Solutions offers low maintenance to both on and off-grid solar installations.

SunTrop's turnkey solar PV solution simplifies installation process as follows:

Site survey and site preparation. We perform a comprehensive range of site assessment in order determine the solar viability and for successful functioning of solar PV panels.

Capacity and Connection Type Determination. Solar PV installation can be made in grid-connection or off-grid connection types, depending on the installation capacity and the pattern consumption of the client. Solar generation capacity can be determine by taking into account the space availability of the rooftop, structure of your rooftop, and the amount of sunlight incident.

System Engineering Design. Since the structure to be built has to stand intact for more than 25 years and to endure the worst environment, our solar system engineering put into consideration on the angle, height, weather (wind, rain, etc). Likewise, the mounting structure for the solar array should not cause any damage to the building; plus there should be provision for cleaning and maintenance of the system.

Installation of the Solar Power Plant. The installation is done by trained professionals; purposely for two reasons – first, the panels are handled carefully since the people are familiar with the techniques; and second, your roofing are free from leakage after the installation.

Net Metering. Our turnkey solution provides considers the client with grid-tied solar systems the opportunity to automatically sell excess solar energy back to the distribution utility. We prepare a net metering agreement that best suits your needs which may require government approvals, application and documentation of your connection as well.

Monitoring of Solar Panel Efficiency. Efficiency of solar PV modules are inevitably to depreciate over longer period of time, which is why our turnkey solution provides monitoring of efficiency of the panels and maintain the uniform efficiency of the panels by maintaining their sub parts.

Operations and Maintenance. Our turnkey solar solution manages the operations of the installed equipment and accessories.